Heaven's Ending


GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG was formed in August 1991.


GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG’s style is a combination of gothic/postpunk and noise…influences from Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie, Big Black and Sonic Youth amongst others.

They signed with German goth label Dion Fortune Records in 1993 and the first release was the „REARM EP“…featuring three gothic-noise tracks full of old-school postpunk elements. The full- length album „A BODY AND BIRTHMARK“ was released in November ’94. The album got good reviews and the band embarked on a small tour. 

After a break of several years the band released a new album „MORPHIA“ with the original line-up! The album was a return to their classic roots! GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG released a limited edition picture-disc album (vinyl) in December 2003. The album featured a cover, 4 new tracks and an unreleased version of Vision of Wane! 

The band played a lot of concerts after this release and managed to release a new full length in 2007 called "Of Whores and Cultures". The record got raving reviews and more gigs followed. In 2012 Götterdämmerung released "Urban Gothic" a cd/dvd soundtrack to the Marc Bijl Art Expo called "Urban Gothic". 

Now 23 years after the original release, the debut album "A Body And Birthmark" will be released on deluxe vinyl for the very first time. This album will be released on the Art Performance Production label.

A brand new album will be released in 2018.


no live dates at the moment


Photo By: Esther Kockmeijer


LABEL | Art Performance Production


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